What is today St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church began more than one hundred years ago when a group of people emigrated to the United States from what is today the Republic of Slovakia.  These people brought with them a strong work ethic,a strong love of community and especially  a strong love for their religious faith and their Greek Catholic Church.

In 1913 a church building was constructed and dedicated as St. John the Baptist Greek Catholic Church.  By 1952 the Church community had grown to the point that it was felt a new building was needed.  In 1954, under the guidance of their pastor, Reverend Stephen J. Kocisko, construction was begun.  In 1955 the present church building was completed.  

Today, the parish community is under the guidance of its administrator, Radco Blichar.  The parish family not only includes those people who can trace their ancestors back to the Eastern European founders of St. John's, but includes among its members people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds all who are seeking to worship God in a meaningful, fulfilling and spiritual way.

Our parish welcomes all visitors to come and worship with us.  We are open to anyone who is interested in seeking the Lord through His Sacred Word and Mysteries.  Please consider attending our celebration of the Divine Liturgy through which we come into the presence of God.